Rope Access

is a safe method of working at height, where ropes and
associated equipment are used to gain access to the work area.

More About Rope Access

  • The two major Rope Access organizations in North America are IRATA & SPRAT
  • Rope Access is an internationally recognized industry that is continuously growing
  • In Canada, Rope Access is mainly utilized in the oil and gas industry, however clients are seeing the benefits of Rope Access in more urban environments
  • Rope Access Technicians are trained in both self-rescue and the rescue of others

    Health & Safety


    • Alberta recognizes Rope Access Under OHS Part 41
    • British Columbia recognizes rope access under WorkSafeBC Part 34
    • In Ontario, we follow the Work at Heights regulations, as they don’t have specific regulations for Rope Access

    Hi-Vis Media Safety Documents

    • Health and Safety Manual
    • Hazard Assessments
    • Method Statements
    • Emergency Planning
    • Daily PPE checklists
    • Annual PPE Formal Inspections

    To see a detailed analysis on Rope Access work and safety around the world, click here to download PDF

    Rope Access Advantages

    • Safe
    • Experienced
    • Quick and efficient
    • Cost effective
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Able to reach areas that are not otherwise accessible
    • No causing ¬†downtown traffic blockages or delays