How To Remove Decals From Cars

Heat Gun Option (Best Option)

1. Prep by washing the surface
2. Heat the decal with a heat gun or hairdryer it is possible to use a propane torch, but I don’t advise it.
3. Evenly spread heat on the decal, the goal is to loosen the adhesive on the back. *Warning* excessive heat can harm the finish by burning it or creating some discoloration.
4. carefully peel the decal off using the tip of your finger or thumb. Take your time not to scratch the paint with your fingernail.
5. If by chance you have adhesive still on the surface use Rapidtac – Rapid Remover to finish it off.

Rapid Tac Remover
1. Spray rapid remover onto adhesive
2. Wait 60 seconds for best results
3. wipe off the adhesive with a plastic scraper or a microfibre cloth




Decal & Sticker Eraser Wheel

This tool is easy to set up and attaches to your drill. The Eraser Wheel is an excellent option for old graphics that have been sun-baked into the surface over the years. You have to watch out when using the Eraser Wheel as there is a higher chance to damage the vehicle paint if you are not paying close attention.





Chemical Solution (Last Option)

Citristrip Gel is an industrial-strength compound remover. It is safe to use inside and has an orange odor. It’s intended to stay wet and active for up to 24 hours. As with any product, I suggest reading and following the product’s directions and trying it on a tiny area of the wrap to ensure it doesn’t damage the paint underneath the vinyl.

Here are steps that have worked very well when using this gel product to remove graphics:

1. Use a foam roller
2. Roll the chemical over the decal
3. Cover the decal using polyester liner or plastic wrap
4. Allow the chemical to sit for 30 minutes.
5. Remove the plastic wrap/polyester liner
6. use a plastic scraper to work the vinyl loose